Teaching Philosophy

Increasing ones knowledge is essential in order to succeed in the ever-changing global business environment and to remain competitive in the marketplace. The impact of acquiring knowledge can be a life-changing event for the learner. New opportunities can become available through new skills learned and careers can be rejuvenated as the learner transfers the knowledge and skills to further enhance their careers. The outcomes of educational progression should include equipping the student with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the courses. The classroom setting for business courses should be in a business-like environment where cooperative collaboration can take place. Teaching and preparing learners for the future is fundamental while motivating the learner to apply knowledge, challenge them to think critically, help them achieve higher expectations, and propel them into the future with confidence. This is my mission.

My goal as a college professor is to support the university and student goals while increasing student excellence. It is a fact that everyone learns differently and it is important to utilize teaching approaches consistent with evidence-based practices. In addition, the integration of traditional teaching methods with technology will further advance student knowledge and understanding while building necessary business skills for the modern professional.  

Considering the varied degree of knowledge, experience, cultural differences, and learning styles from the students, the presentation of theory, ideas, collaboration, and real-world experience can assemble active participation, discussion, individual, and group activity where real learning can take place. This methodology presents a fully interactive, media-rich learning experience that will touch multiple sensory areas for students to retain information learned and practiced in class. The class structure should utilize auditory, visual, and kinesthetic styles to fit varied learning.

In closing, I strive to provide my professional expertise in business, marketing, sales, leadership, information technology, project management and human behavior to develop a rich and dynamic learning experience that students can use in the real world and advance their professional careers.