Naked Nails, nail Care… as well as polish

Can naked nails be a polished look? Are unpolished, unmanicured nails unprofessional? visitor A has an crucial question:
I have a visitor concern that I’d like recommendations on. I’m about to begin my very first task out of legislation institution as well as would like to have a extremely low-maintenance nail routine (no color polish) that I can do at home. Mostly, I have horrible cuticles as well as I’d like to have a a lot more polished appearance, however my task is not versatile about leaving during working hours as well as I’d rather spend my weekends with my kid. Manicures seem like a squander if I’m avoiding color polish. Can you or visitors advise? must I be trying to in shape in weekly/monthly manicures as a demand of working?
This one speaks with me as I likewise dislike costs time on manicures — so I’m curious to hear what visitors state here. As I’ve discussed before, there was about a month of my life (maaaaybe 6 weeks) ideal after I got engaged that I went for manicures weekly. Then: it got old. I don’t especially take pleasure in them, I get tired if I can’t be reading during it (like one can with pedicures), Camiseta Bayer 04 Leverkusen as well as with the recent NYT exposé on nail beauty parlors I’ve just skipped the entire routine this summer. I have, in the past, encouraged visitors to get a basic manicure (with remove or light pink or beige polish) for task interviews as well as potentially the very first week of the job, on the assumption that you’re shaking a great deal of people’s hands as well as you want to look as polished as possible.

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But after that: I say, screw it. I type method as well much for manicures to last a long time on me, I stink at doing them myself, as well as I truly dislike the experience of getting a manicure. (And I keep hearing horrible things about gel manicures, however perhaps that’s me!)  I keep my nails short as well as neat… as well as that’s about it. I’ve been a fan of nail Envy in the past when I’ve wished to do a bit a lot more upkeep (and we had a recent publish a few months back where we talked about nail brightening polishes, which still intrigue Camiseta Copa Mundial de Fútbol me), but for a lot of of my working life I’ve just left my nails plain.
Raggedy cuticles can be one more thing, I suppose, as well as I have a few thoughts on that point as well. First, a routine manicure may just make your cuticles worse unless you’re getting a treatment done on your nails; I’ve always checked out that for health and wellness reasons it’s finest to not clip your cuticles (see this post from WebMD). personally I discover that regularly moisturizing my hands truly assists with my cuticles — just a basic bottle of Curel on your office desk or in your shower room at house can assist with that. If you’re still noticing a issue beyond that, you can always take the next step and use gloves — either plastic gloves to secure your hands while doing the dishes, and/or moisturizing gloves at night to help moisturize your hands.
Ladies, I’m curious: what are your thoughts on naked nails at work? At what point do nails or cuticles ended up being a Problem? What are your finest ideas for taking care of them — any type of preferred products for cuticle care? 
These are a few of our preferred nail colors for interviews: 1) Ballet slippers 2) Sugar dad 3) Mademoiselle. CLASSIC!

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